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Fighting for citizenship

Mon, Sep 09, 2013 - Page 8

Article 15 (1) of the Universal Human Rights Declaration says everyone has the right to a nationality. What is the nationality of people from Taiwan?

Note: The TSAC is striving to facilitate the issuance of correct travel documents for native Taiwanese persons.   In this regard however, our supporters currently have no intent to enter into an argument with US officials, UN officials, or any other officials regarding the implementation of Article 15 of the aforementioned United Nation's Declaration.

A Taiwanese student at Oslo University, Lu Yu-ta, ached at being registered as a citizen of the People's Republic of China (PRC). His complaints were ignored by the Norwegian police and immigration authorities.

Lu became frustrated and said: "Although we are granted visa-free access to 140 countries, it is sad that we must suffer through not being recognized as citizens of an independent country."

Note: Currently, Taiwan is not an independent state in the world community.   It should also be stressed that the goals of the TSAC do not include "a push for Taiwan statehood."

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Unfortunately, people have been under the KMT's brainwashing program for 68 years, which says the Republic of China (ROC) is an independent sovereign state and Taiwan is a province of its territory. The reality is that the ROC is not an independent country, but an exiled government without international recognition.

In the e-generation, people can easily verify historical records. There is no international treaty or legal document declaring that sovereignty over Taiwan has been transferred from Japan to the ROC. President Ma said Chiang Kai-shek did ask for Taiwan's sovereignty in the Cairo declaration and under the Taipei treaty, Japan transfered Taiwan sovereignty to the ROC in 1952.

However, the Cairo declaration was only a news release. Japan renounced all rights, titles and claims to Formosa and the Pescadores on Sept. 8, 1951 in the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

The US military government was named as the principal occupying power.

It is more accurate to say that the United States of America was named as the principal occupying power.

There was no resolution passed by the ROC's National Assembly or the Legislative Yuan to record Taiwan as annexed territory. There is no proof that the ROC has sovereignty over Taiwan. It is no wonder the international community refer to the ROC as Chinese Taipei; the Chinese exiled government in Taipei.

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