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ROC forced citizenship on unwary Taiwanese

Thu, Jan 20, 2011 - Page 8

In the book On Taiwan's Status and Relations, edited by National Chengchi University history professor Hsueh Hua-yuan, it says that the Republic of China (ROC) government announced in January 1946 that the people living in Taiwan had "regained" their status as ROC nationals, which gave rise to diplomatic protests from the UK and the US.

Wang Shih-Chieh, who was then minister of foreign affairs, also mentioned this event in a letter to Huang Kuo-shu, a Taiwanese legislator at the time.

In the same book, it is stated that the Taiwan Provincial Administrative Executive Office said on Jan. 20, 1946, that the people of Taiwan Province had their Chinese nationality restored as of Oct. 25, 1945, according to an order by the Executive Yuan on Jan. 12, 1946.

The UK foreign ministry sent a communique to the ROC embassy in London on Aug. 31, 1946, saying that although it conceded that Taiwan was under the control of the ROC government, London regretted that it could not accept that Taiwanese had already had their Chinese nationality restored, according to "A New Discourse on Taiwan's Status" by former Academia Historica president Lin Man-houng.

In a thesis about the peace treaty, Lin said that the US State Department in a November 1946 memorandum to the ROC government said that it was in full agreement with the UK's position on this matter.

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